STARLIGA – (2016-2017)

Starliga is one of Allodium’s two latest installments of it’s Fantasy Sport system. Starliga is based on the Fantasy Sport Solution by Allodium but with many new features and most importantly a new business model.

Starliga is licenced to Rebuy Stars, a central european casino and gaming network. Starliga is a true daily fantasy, which is the main difference between Allodium’s older implementation.

Events and leagues are not split into rounds as before, but utilizes contests. Contest is a group of sport matches of any kind that are played on the same day or at maximum a few days apart.

Players can build their teams a few days before the contest starts.

Starliga is the first ever Fantasy Sports game in Czechia that has a valid commercial licence and can offer betting for money.

There is also a full featured iOS application for Starliga available in the AppStore.

Starliga was launched in 2016 for the EURO. See for yourself at and play a few contests.


For details of the technical solution of the current Fantasy Sport system, please refer to Fantasy Sport Solutionpage.