SazkaFantasy is also one of the two latest installments of Allodium’s Fantasy Sport games.

SazkaFantasy is running on the Allodium Fantasy Sport Solution, but with a deep emphasis on different design and special features.

SazkaFantasy is licenced to Sazka a.s., which is the biggest lottery company in Europe. SazkaFantasy has some unique features that make the free play mode very interesting. For instance, SazkaFantasy has a system for ranking of players. Every league has a possibility to host rankings, which are then used for players to have a sense of continuity on top of the daily concept. It is a kind of a meta game based on top of regular daily fantasy.

SazkaFantasy also has a very different look. It’s more graphically based since the whole roster is a playfield with a unique system for choosing players in the market.

SazkaFantasy was launched in December 2016, see it for yourself at


For details of the technical solution of the current Fantasy Sport system, please refer to Fantasy Sport Solution page.