Fantasy Sport was a first online Fantasy Sports application in Czechia. Launched in 2013, it brought a new form of sport related entertainment to the czech web. Fantasy Sport at was launched in cooperation with Seznam a.s., the biggest media and online house in Czechia (think czech google).

Since sport betting in the form of skill games (like FanDuel or Draftkings) was illegal in Czechia at the time, the game runned as a free service being monetized by advertising deals with interested parties.

The game became instantly very popular with multiple czech sites copying its design and trying to run a similar service. Fun fact about that period is that some sites even copied the game design flaws, which were later removed by Allodium but remained in the other games.

As a market leader, the game had over 150 000 registered users, having as much as 60 000 playing start rounds of certain events.

The game featured football, ice hockey and formula 1 championships. All major leagues of czech, european and american football (soccer) or ice hockey were included.

Every week players would create a new lineup from scratch, so the game was basically a daily fantasy on a weekly basis. This was very different from the drafting concept of american websites. Only short sport events like championships etc. had a special feature, which copied the roster from one playing round into the next one. This was used when the round was only one day long in order to minimize churn. Fun fact is that one of the highest ever ranking lineups was a lineup created week before made by player who didn’t have a time to create a new one. This has happened in the course of one World Ice Hockey Championships event.

One of the very interesting events was Fantasy Elections in 2013. This was organized with the help of server from media house. Players would create a fantasy political party of 11 representatives. Things like preference votes and others were automatically loaded from the websites of Czech Statistics Office. Almost 70 000 people joined and played the game before the elections.

Fantasy Sports at are now discontinued and Allodium moved on to providing Fantasy Sports systems to other companies.


Since the whole game is basically a complicated website with no need for thick client, the game was implemented in Ruby on Rails. This very mature framework enabled a fast development cycle and a high quality web development cycle. The whole system run on a containerized solution on a our custom made blade. Read more about the technical solution at its product page Fantasy Sports Solution.