Fantasy Sports Solution

Only a few companies offer Fantasy Sports products – a USA phenomenon in Europe. None of them has the experience of 5 years running this service in a row. Since the legal landscape is finally changing, the game can transform from a consumer contest into fully fledged game that we all love.

5 years in production

The only company in Europe with such experience

Over 250 000 users

Over the years, our products have seen many users

Fully customized

We deliver 100% customized solutions. We give you your unique product.

Fantasy by Heart

Coding, production, data acquistion, marketing, graphics, you name it. We know it by heart and deliver 100% quality.

Our Fantasy Sports showcase

Our aim is to create grand projects. Each of our Fantasy Sports websites is one of those.

Sazka Fantasy

Fantasy Sports project for the biggest lottery company in Europe. Simple, easy, welcoming design. Made for everybody, played by masses.


A Daily Fantasy Sports page for the bold ones. If PokerStars and DraftKings had a baby, it would look like Starliga.

The first Fantasy in Czechia. Made with, the czech Google. Out of service.

Europe is the rising star

Europe market is very different from the US, since betting is legal here. Because of that Allodium tries to invent new ways of interaction with players.

European players want to play Fantasy as much as American players, but they need to experience it. Simple copying of American concepts and sites will not work. The same rules that apply to publishing normal consumer games apply when launching Fantasy gaming sites.


The market in North America


Actual European market estimate (2016)

Custom built solution vs. whitelabel

Custom Fantasy Sports

Custom solution means total freedom in terms of design, features and game system. Nothing is a problem, everything is customizable. You can turn the whole thing upside down and it will still work.

The development of Custom Fantasy Sports Solution starts with licencing of  Allodium’s proprietary Fantasy Sports engine, the base of the whole system. Think of a skeleton for a building.

From here the road is free and the project can take any form that you have in mind. You can stand out from the crowd. 

Allodium offers a full development support of your new Fantasy Sports website, design of new features, new game mechanisms, payment systems, integration of data sources, you name it.

The design is completely flexible. It can adhere to your brand, it can be even integrated very tightly into your infrastructure, use your single sign-on service and run from your server cluster.

With 5 years of experience Allodium can give you the best Fantasy Sports website.

Whitelabel Solution

Whilelabel solution is a modular approach to creation of DFS websites. It’s tempting and sounds simple, but unfortunately it’s flawed in many ways.

Firstly and most importantly, you will spend most of your money on marketing, not on development. Marketing a unique solution is much easier than trying to sell people on something which has ten different copies.

Secondly, modular approach is just a buzzword. Modular architecture is a thing. But modular websites are very complicated and that makes them slow. 

And thirdly, by going for whitelabel you will sacrifice most of your design freedom. You can turn on  and off this and that feature but that’s it! Maybe you can tune up colours a little but, but you will never have a cool new feature which you desire. You will be locked. 

Most importantly whitelabel solutions make less money, cost you more on marketing and tie your hands together. 

Or do you think FanDuel uses a modular approach? If not, give us a call. We will be more than happy to explain you all the steps towards your new application.

Development Freedom
Design possibilities
Marketing costs
Development costs
Total cost
Revenue stream
Development Freedom
Design possibilities
Marketing costs
Development costs
Total cost
Revenue stream