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Allodium is an award-winning and well-established developer of game products and various server, desktop, and mobile applications. Since it's founding in 2007, it strives for perfection in building complex business and gaming solutions. Allodium is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Allodium utilizes the best from the proprietary and the open-source worlds to achieve affordable, yet robust infrastructures.

The long experience with high availability systems forged a core of business and development processes that stands at the center of Allodium's philosophy.

Allodium started the development of online games in 2009. It has produced many games since. Two of them were big MMO strategy titles, three Daily Fantasy Sports sites, and many smaller games and other business projects. Allodium worked for and in cooperation with major players in Czechia and the EU in general. Games of Allodium were played by hundreds of thousands of players worldwide.

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While the core business of Allodium is in its gaming products, Allodium also offers custom build solutions. It is focusing on complex database systems connected to all sorts of frontends. Be it an online game, desktop application, or mobile app. Allodium helps it's clients bridge gaps in their infrastructure and efficiently increase performance and profit.

Building software correctly, adhering to the rules, and breaking them where necessary is a sign of a grown and experienced team.

Allodium prides itself on the development of more complex and technically challenging projects. The headquarters lies in Prague, where all the project management, server-side development, and quality assurance happens.

Allodium has quite a fair amount of its proprietary technology, on which it bases the software solutions for its clients. Pioneering usage of cutting edge software and hardware solutions allows for quicker development and more effective utilization of the client's resources.

Allodium views development as a process. Staying with the project from the design phase to production and maintenance is seen as very important. Going through shaping the initial idea, designing screens and views, testing with focus groups, designing the database architecture, and many more tasks are all paramount to the successful development and Allodium's development process.

Allodium offers a full package development of your system. It helps from the start to the end and stays with the project to ensure a smooth operation.

Allodium designed and implemented many web-based systems on all platforms and for different purposes. Be it just a simple API for a desktop application or a whole online game developed for tens of thousands of concurrent users.

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The team's experience is not limited to one operating system, programming language, or server technology. Only the best suitable technology is always chosen for the project and the client.

Downtime is a thing of the past in Allodium's software. Continuous integration, source code management, build pipelines, and automatic testing makes Allodium's web system run 24/7 with no maintenance or downtime.

Using online metrics and analytics is seen as essential for the management of apps and servers.

Allodium offers free consultation for companies interested in custom software development. Please kindly Get in touch.


With eight years in production, Allodium pioneered Fantasy Sports in Central Europe and continues to lead in terms of profitability, features, and user acceptance.
Allodium launched four different DFS sites already, growing, and improving all the time. Allodium's DFS solution and approach allow for a consistently profitable operation, something which others failed to accomplish.

Allodium sees DFS mainly as an acquisition and retention tool for sportsbooks, not a standalone product. Merely copying the American business model is not viable in Europe.

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Allodium offers a white label solution for sportsbook sites, which allows for prize pooling and other very competitive features. Think of Eurojackpot, but in DFS. White label cuts development cost to a minimum while enabling your company to use a proven, battle-tested, mature, and feature-rich product. Whitelabel is delivered as a service, running from a server farm in Prague.

Using white label DFS allows your company to invest in user acquisition and retention, concentrate on perfect social communication, and on building your community instead of wasting time and resources by developing the product itself.

Allodium's DFS solution can be adapted to match the client's needs.



Allodium's Fantasy Sports solution contains almost all thinkable features.

  • Daily contest
  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Rankings and scoreboards
  • Player groups
  • Micro-leagues
  • Player duels
  • Detailed statistics for all players
  • Player selection tools
  • Discussion platform
  • Shop
  • Social media integration
  • Monitoring system
  • Advanced administration
  • Data acquisition system
  • Mailing
  • Automatic pricing of players
  • Fantasy index (stars for players)
  • Responsive mobile version
  • Server farm infrastructure
  • Data exports for your BI
  • Banner system integration
  • Fantasy+ premium features
  • Sportsbook integration widget
  • Team of the week
  • Best coaches
  • News site integration
  • CMS for static pages
  • Virtual currency
  • Automatic payments


Allodium's Fantasy Sports Solution was already implemented five times.

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Tournament | DFS | 2018 - current

SazkaFantasy Tournament edition the latest and most advanced version of the Fantasy Sports solution. Tournaments allow chaining of single contests into whole leagues, special events for World championships, and more.

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DFS | 2016 - 2018

SazkaFantasy was a completely new take on Fantasy. It focused on offering a large sum of daily contests in Football, Hockey and Tenis. It was replaced by a new version in 2018.

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DFS | SportsBook | 2016 - 2017

Starliga was a Fantasy Sports site trying the same business model as US operators. It was the first real money betting DFS site in the Czech Republic.

Starliga was licensed to Rebuy Stars, a central European casino and gaming network. Starliga was a pure daily fantasy, which is the main difference between Allodium's older implementation.

Events and leagues were not split into rounds as before, but contests. A contest was a group of sport matches of any kind that were played on the same day or a few days apart.

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Experimental | 2013

This somewhat experimental usage or Fantasy Solution launched a Fantasy for parliamentary elections of 2013.

Players chose their candidates from over 60000 actual people running for office. The site was launched at, which is the most visited site in the Czech Republic. It was seen by more than a million people, making it undoubtedly the most visited and played Fantasy in Europe.

The site was closed after the elections, with one contestant winning a representative's salary.

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League | 2011 - 2015

Fantasy Sport was the first online Fantasy Sports application in Czechia. Launched in 2013, it brought a new form of sport-related entertainment to the Czech web. Fantasy Sport at was launched in cooperation with Seznam a.s., the biggest media and online house in Czechia.

As a market leader, the game had over 150 000 registered users, having as much as 60 000 playing start rounds of certain events.


Allodium produced a large number of software solutions and games. The most notable are listed here.

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MMO | Strategy

Infinitum was Allodium's first online game released in 2010. It combined online battles and town building in one strategy game, which is still pretty rare even today. Infinitum was awarded a Czech Game of the Year. Read More

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Infinitum: Battle for Europe

MMO | Strategy

As a successor to the first Infinitum game, Infinitum: Battle for Europe took the concept of the first game to the next level. The next level is represented by the whole of Europe, not just Czechia as a battleground. Read More

Infinitum is still online a playable right now, though it requires a Flash player.

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IPR Praha

Big data | 3D data processing

Prague has been collecting 3D data on all buildings for 12 years. Allodium developed a heuristic analytical software that corrected mistakes in 330 000 structures and made data available for use by architects, developers, and others.

The Solution was based on Unity3D and an analytical geometry library written by Allodium. The final data were processed and corrected on tens of parallel Amazon EC2 cloud instances because of the size of the dataset.

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Desktop app | PC

This unfortunately unreleased very ambitious application is something like a Steam client, eBook reader, video player, and music player in one application.

The application used an integrated browser that shows the store and can detect clicks.

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Lifestyle | Server infrastructure

The most visited women magazine in the Czech Republic, with over 600.000 visits per day. Making it one of the most visited sites in Czechia at the time.

Allodium designed and managed a server infrastructure for the site as well as many optimizations on site.
Allodium worked on the project in collaboration with ENTERPRISE MEDIA, a.s. between 2013 and 2016. Currently, the whole site is managed by Seznam, a.s.



"Do it right or don't do it all."

Martin has over 20 years of experience in the development of online systems. As a founder of Allodium he has worked many years as a developer himself. Martin focuses on the look and feel of Allodium's systems, communicates with clients and manages business relations.

Martin reads a lot of sci-fi, travels a lot and loves to be in the mountains.

+420 739 023 023

Martin Boháč



Jakub works as a system achitect for Allodium products. He is a regular speaker at tech conferences, where he gives talks about database systems.

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Jakub Müller



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